Start Date 01/12/2022 - Ending Date 30/09/2023
Work Package 02 Coordinator

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

To install a community among HEIs involved in the project, in order to foster collaboration, reciprocity and share the research methodology. Kick-off meeting in Thessaloniki. Design of the case studies (how do partners identify good practice?) empirical qualitative research, focus groups guidelines.
To identify existing good practices at HEIs tackling homophobia and transphobia, prejudices and stereotypes. Desk research on good practices. Identify good practices in each country and at the EU level, related to Career Alias, reduction of homophobia, promoting inclusiveness.
To analyse existing culture of differences characterized by an inclusive language. Lexicon research and Glossary definition. Definition of keywords for a correct use at teaching materials and administrative documents.
To investigate the existing prejudices, stereotypes and invisible discrimination attitudes towards sexual orientation. Empirical qualitative research. Focus groups with HEIs’ communities; Semi-structured questionnaires to HEIs community representatives; Triangulation of data and elaboration of recommendations.
To sensibilize HE communities through the dissemination of the research results. First National Conference in Thessaloniki. Dissemination of Work Package activities, to sensibilize the community and share the obtained results.

PrEcIOUS Promoting pluralistic education in European universities to combat invisible discrimination related to LGBTQ+


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